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  I would like all of my visitors to check out my old friend, Ken Babbs, last book. Ken and I have three things in common: both Capricorns, both USMC Veterans, with similar experiences 'there' ( I got there 5 years after Ken left), and we both appreciate The Grateful Dead.

Ken Babbs was the last member of the legendary Stanford writing class led by Wallace Stegner to publish a novel, and the wait was worth it.

Lieutenants Tom Huckelbee ("leathery as any Texican come crawling out of the sage") and Mike Cochran ("loquacious son of an Ohio gangster") make an unlikely pair of officers training to be helicopter pilots in Vietnam. Their only aim is to get through this disorienting war without losing their minds. This is a bullet-straight story, a hallucinatory journey with a fearlessly unconventional voice. Babbs brilliantly portrays theworld through the eyes of a young man discovering what it means to be beholden to another.

This novel, acclaimed as "a cross between Joseph Heller and Hunter S. Thompson" (Booklist), is a rivetingand very funny exploration of war and friendship, and a book not to be missed.


Do you Like Indian Motorcycles?    Do you like Motorcycle History?
Then these books are for you….These fun, easy to read, fact filled books cover over 100 years of motorcycle history. Butch and Tom Baer take the lives of two men, Fritzie Baer and Earl "Pop" Armstrong, and the birth of the Indian motorcycle and tell the story of how their lives intertwined with the motorcycling world. This collection includes over 700 photos hand selected from the vast collection of the two historical motorcycle families.

Visit A Century of Motorcycling for more information


Also, an extraordinary book, by my favorite Marine of all time, Major General Smedley Butler, 'War Is A Racket'.

Smedley Darlington Butler

  • Born: West Chester, Pa., July 30, 1881
  • Educated: Haverford School
  • Married: Ethel C. Peters, of Philadelphia, June 30, 1905
  • Awarded two congressional medals of honor:
    1. capture of Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1914
    2. capture of Ft. Riviere, Haiti, 1917
  • Distinguished service medal, 1919
  • Major General - United States Marine Corps
  • Retired Oct. 1, 1931
  • On leave of absence to act as 
    director of Dept. of Safety, Philadelphia, 1932
  • Lecturer -- 1930's
  • Republican Candidate for Senate, 1932
  • Died at Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, June 21, 1940
  • For more information about Major General Butler, 
    contact the United States Marine Corps.

"War is a Racket" is marine general, Smedley Butler's classic treatise on why wars are conducted, who profits from them, and who pays the price. Few people are as qualified as General Butler to advance the argument encapsulated in his book's sensational title. When "War is a Racket" was first published in 1935, Butler was the most decorated American soldier of his time. He had lead several successful military operations in the Caribbean and in Central America, as well as in Europe during the First World War. Despite his success and his heroic status, however, Butler came away from these experiences with a deeply troubled view of both the purpose and the results of warfare.

I am in agreement, war IS a racket.

- T Heintz